Dienstag, 17. April 2018

Season Start in Switzerland

only one day of racing with 3 races in 6knots of wind. Dieter Melcher on his classic A-Class dominated the fleet - he was so far in front that he missed one buoy and therefore got a DNF in that race. It was interesting to compare the different rig and sail combinations (small rigg vs standard rigg / pintop vs squaretop etc.) and it was good light wind practice. Looking Forward to get some foiling races in...
Thanks to Bruno and Marianne Perren for the Pictures.

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

2016 A-Cat Worlds Medemblik

crazy summer 2016 - most of the sailing I've done this year was during rain and bad weather - and it was the same in Medemblik :-)
Despite the bad weather we had a great week at Medemblik. The performance of the G7 with the new daggerboards is very good. Looks like we have the highest aspect ration daggerboard and our T-Foil Rudder which is height-adjustable while sailing really helped in the drifting conditions. Also the membrane sail was very polyvalent - it goes really well in drifting conditions and also if the breeze is up. It is a pitty that the top guns on the G7 were not there like Sascha and Stumhofer...
So not much to add - it seems that the "big jump" the class made with downwind foiling is over and there are only small steps to go forward (which is great for the Class I think...). Upwind foiling is now possible but the conditions in which it pays off are very limited - many times it is like trying to fly downwind when there is not enough wind - you go just nowhere.
In the end, the best sailor with the most time on the boat wins.

Results (Top 15):
1NED 7Mischa Heemskerk, Foiling, -7,01111111(dns)DNA F1.Mischa Sails
2AUS 888Darren Bundock, Foiling, Master16,02211-11235Exploder D3Brewin
3AUS 4Steven Norman Brewin, Foiling, -22,0134526-81Exploder D3Brewin
4POL 1Jacek Noetzel, Foiling, Master23,0445-233322Exploder D3Brewin
5POL 15Tymoteusz Bendyk, Foiling, -27,04322-8754Exploder D3Bryt Sails
6USA 311Bruce Mahoney, Foiling, -34,035-666446DNA F1Mischa Sails
7NED 95Roeland Wentholt, Foiling, Grand Master36,0-156654573DNA F1Mischa Sails
8GER 14Bob Baier, Foiling, Grand Master46,0627878-98Scheurer G7.North
9AUS 14Adam Beattie, Foiling, -48,0124335-17147Exploder D3Brewin
10DEN 1Thomas Paasch, Foiling, Master59,056841015-1811NikitaNorth.
11POL 41Jakub Surowiec, Foiling, Junior64,01475713(dnf)612Exploder D3Bryt sails
12SUI 1Sandro Caviezel, Foiling, -70,077124121216(dns)Scheurer G7Landenberger
13NED 28Pieterjan Dwarshuis, Foiling, Grand Master72,0171910141110(ufd)DNA F1Mischa Sails
14NED 888Carolijn Brouwer, Foiling, Female76,06811-221510179Exploder D3Brewin
15FRA 2Emmanuel Dodé, Foiling, -77,05511121813-2113DNA F1Mischa Sails

Some pictures by Aron Steinmann/Scheurerwerft:

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

Swiss A-Class Nationals Maccagno

for pictures and informations check blog from Martin:

After the event, we went out for a fotoshooting session, check pics below:

Dienstag, 1. März 2016

Update (February 16)

testing is going on - check out Brewin sail on top of Landi Membrane from last year:

and a new video: it is a little bit long but "un-edited" during the runs:
(setup: old tramp, old sail, new foils)